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What is wrong with - -1

i have a questions for everyone here. i love tattoos & love to draw & really want to learning how to tattoo & become a tattoo artist. i purchased my kit on ebay & basically learn on my own by watching how to tattoo videos & using pig skin to practice on. why do people hate scratcher soo much? I know that the industry is hard to get into & people will not help you unless you know a tattoo artist. I wish the industry would open up to people like me & not shut us out. why is the industry like this? i think for a cool industry like this would beneficial if they opened it up to more people. the way i think of it is, if more people get into the business it will make the industry better. 10 years ago when i got my first tattoo i thought it looked awesome. I follow many famous tattoo artist as well as mike devries & there work is sick!!

it make me think of this like the computers industry back in the 80s. the computer was not available to everyone & not everyone knew how to use it. as the industry grew in the 90s & computer were readily available it really opened a lot of doors. Now everyone has a smart
phone & computers really make our lives easier & better. I say opened the tattoo industry, the only way that we can make it better is by allowing people to learn & get access. More people more ideas & technology will only get better. at the sametime i hope scratchers are tattooing responsibility & safely. Overall we need to help each other & make this industry better.


self taught tattooing - -1

I have seen alot of self taught tattoo artists who are good they probly didnt start out that way but thats life. i no because im one of them and my goal is to get really good to the point where no one would give a shit if i was anyway because once your good your good. nobody cares as long as they get a good tattoo. and just because you tattoo from home doesn't mean you cant have hygiene standards but some will always fuck it for everyone else
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