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cartriage contamination - -1

If you are running the cheyenne hawk pen or any cartriage system and using many needles. if your switching back and fourth grabbing your cartriages and putting them back in your cheyenne pen if the pen getting contaminated inside the pen? like the end of the cartriage bar that moves back and fourth in the machine. if i have bloody gloves on and touch it changing cartriages its put in the pen.... and insite?


RE:cartriage contamination - -1

you should never touch the back end of the cartridges.
keep them all pretty far apart from each other on your setup.
avoid making too much mess around the membrane area.
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RE:cartriage contamination - -1


Really good question, I had the same one.

Plus I would like to know if it's there is some cleaning products that permits us to clean the cheyenne grip? Because first it's not autoclavable one, and second most of cheyenne's users don't have autoclave.

Then my question is does the bacteria from a cross contamination dies with the time or not? Because not everyone seems using cleaning products with, or be careful with cartridges.

Thanks :)
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