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Technique Without Give

Hey guys,
I have been using coils, recently started using rotary machines. I'm not actually used to working without give. I was wondering if anybody could explain what is the main technique to work without give. Currently I'm using cheyenne hawk thunder and this thing has no give.
Thanks in advance


RE:Technique Without Give

There's a few differences like the fact that a coil machine actually strikes twice on the down before returning. A rotary has more of a true strike meaning what you see is what it's doing. So now you use give to make the machine prevent you from going to deep. You have to completely control the needle action. So if you want a light shade don't go as deep. This is one reason for the adjustable grip, shorten the needle extension when you shade so you can't go to deep until you get used to the feel of the machine, the skin vibration(w/a proper stretch). It takes getting used to but you just need to pay attention and experiment with finger depth control, varying stretch tension, washes and layering to get the effect you want. Good luck.
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RE:Technique Without Give

Thanks mate. That was very helpful.
Really appreciate that ??
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