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Shading with a liner

Hi guys, so I've seen Anil Gupta do it, Franco Vescovi and Sunny Bhanushali do it too. Shading with a liner.

Can someone who has done this explain to me how I can start to learn it?
Im guessing you need a very soft hitting machine and move your hand very fast, but thats as much as I can think.

The volts should be high enough to avoid peppering but when the volts are high rotaries tend to hit harder too right?
So how is it possible to shade without getting lines or peppering?

It would be amazing to learn this technique as someone who comes from a pencil drawing background.

Please, thank you.


RE:Shading with a liner

Are you sure they are not round shaders. Cannot see any advantage to shading with a liner?
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RE:Shading with a liner

Hey man, yea Im definitely sure its not round shaders. Its actual shading with a liner. Search on youtube Anil Gupta tattoo, or Sunny Bhanushali tattoo.
Its very interesting.
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RE:Shading with a liner

But the advantage of using a liner for shading is the fact that its much more accurate in order to shade really tight spaces of a smaller tattoo with intricate shading.
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