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cheyenne hawk help

Hi guys
Im just after a bit of advice, just making the move over to rotaries from coils, and have got myself a hawk thunder. Obviously with the machine being zero give with the rigid bar its unforgiving, and just wondering what throw exactly other artists are using for colour and b&g work? in (mm) please . Everything else i can adjust in the hand just cautious about the rigid bar so I'm after some scope on what others are using with good results.
want to gather as much info as i can before i test run it on my guinea pig brother, don't want to move off my coils on paying customers in the studio until i have my work to the same standard on the hawk first

thanks in advance for any help


RE:cheyenne hawk help


the throw is different for everyone. some like to tattoo shallow 45-60 degrees, some not so much.60-80 degrees. so the more shallow you go the longer your throw can be.
I usually start out with about 2mm and adjust according to the skin and the size of needles im using. I like to saturate the upper most part of the second layer so i usually end up having about 3mm and adjust my hand to how well the saturation is going... for larger mags is harder penetration so you can get away with a longer throw, and so forth with smaller mags. harder places like the ribs, you can set the throw a little further. but pay attention to how the skin is behaving. watch your bounce and mind your stretch, you should have no issues getting use to it. slow it down a bit in the beginning and start with about 2mm throw. adjust your speed and throw that matches your hand movements. usually take anywhere from 10-40 hours to get a decent feel for it..

hope that helps,


Stephen Stacey
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RE:cheyenne hawk help

Thank you so much dude, very much appreciated :)
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