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Will the Real Dan Kubin Please Stand Up

FYI: I messaged Nicholas Rivera? for permission prior to posting this:

First off, we know there are 2 sides to every story so I welcome Dan to chime in on this because I'm curious as to what he will say to defend and justify his actions and attitudes toward a former customer of his and his behavior in general. He probably won't because he is simply too busy to deal with us lowly pissants.

This post has nothing to do with he quality of Dan's machines but is about his lack of appreciation and respect for his customers, his personal conduct, arrogance, and unprofessionalism. After reading what I am about to write, ask yourself how many other well known builders would treat their customers in this manner and if this behavior is acceptable in this industry or any other.

Bear in mind that I purchased 4 or 5 of Dan's machines In 2014 at $360 each (Which I sold and traded for variety of reasons)

I inquired several days ago via Facebook PM (which is the way I've always communicated with Dan) about ordering an additional 3 machines. After a few days, and no answer, I posted under his facebook post to check is inbox. After still not getting a response,I posted under a different thread asking what was the best way to get ahold of him because I sent a few messages that went un-replied.

Here is the message I got from Dan:

"I'm not interested. Every time I deal with you I spend more time reading your novels and hearing how you can't afford a $15 linkage assembly. If your machine breaks, I will fix it at my rate. If you want a new machine, you can buy one off my site at dankubin.com. Sorry man, I'm just really busy and don't like having to answer a bunch of messages all the time".

I sent him ONE message that said "Dan, could you build me 3 MC2s like I used to have?" That apparently was "a bunch of messages" that he doesn't like "answering all the time"

The part he said about "hearing how you can't afford a $15 linkage assembly" stems from the fact that when my machine started having problems (resulting from an old linkage system that Dan no longer uses) I thought he would fix it or replace the part. He wouldn't and stated the linkage was $15 which I promptly paid. I made a comment that $15 seemed a bit stiff for a plastic linkage. I stand by that claim but paid it, and the dramatic way Dan refers to it, simply did not happen that way.

The "reading your novels" part, I have no idea what he is talking about.

My money was good enough for him before he made his $600 machines and gained recognition in the industry but rest assured, this guy is an immature, arrogant, unprofessional asshole that will never see a dime of my money, or the money of the many people I referred over to him.

There wasn't any justification for his behavior toward a customer (now a former customer)

There is no doubt he makes decent machines, but I strongly urge you to take your business elsewhere. Support someone in the industry that doesn't treat their customers like shit and believes that you need his merchandise more than he needs your business. If he's "not interested" in my business, he probably isn't interested in yours either.