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Client positioning

Hey, I'd like to ask you about client positioning when tattooing the back of their lower arm.... When I sit them on my cosmetic tattoo chair, put their hand on the support stand and ask them to fold their arm in a 90 degree angle (a reversed L shape) I get a perfect position for me and the client but what if the design is upside down? Sometimes, especially with full sleeves the lower arm needs to be the other way around cuz I don't want to tattoo a complicated design (a portrait or something like that) upside down... and when the client lays on their back the skin get very stiff and unmanageable on the back of the arm... I've been tattoing for couple of years now but I still haven't figured that one out... pls help


RE:Client positioning



Have you tried laying them facedown on a table and laying their arm on the armrest? The arm should be perpendicular to the body. You can then work in them in a way similar to the inner forearm. It takes up a lot of room, but I have found this is a wonderful way to work the outside of the forearm with little to no issue.

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