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Tattoo Kits for Beginners

What tools can she start practicing with ( NOT ON HUMANS )

I saw some kits on Amazon - I am NOT looking for anything to actually work on people for a long long while yet, but to practice on fruit or fake skin - are these any good for this limited purpose?

Here's a tattoo kit for $80

And another for $50

Any other suggestions

I'm sure more expensive kits have many benefits but really this is for a high school student to just explore tattooing ( again not on live skin), and find out what it's about.

Thank you so much.

- Jeff


RE:Tattoo Kits for Beginners

The cheap kits are mass produced poor quality Chinese machines which will only hinder progress, my machines cost equivalent to $380 each, good machines and the understanding on how to set and adjust them is a must.
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