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linework with nuema

im currently apprenticing at speakeasy tattoos, and am about to begin working on skin. Im a big fan of layering color on illustrative designs, and like the idea of using a lighter weight air-powered machine. However I have never seen a tattoo done with a nuema machine that displays bold hard lines i.e. craig discoll, & gunnar. is this because the nuema machines dont run good lines, & are primarily best for smooth shading.? if so could i possibly have a setup that incorporates nuema & coil wrapped machines? Please help...


RE: linework with nuema

There is alot of artists that do use both neumas and coils,because there are people that tend to have a hard time with the lining,but there is alot of them that use it for lining too,for example carson hill,makes great bold lines in his work with the neuma,just gotta try it for yourself.
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