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Issue with my line work

So first thing I am not a scratcher I work at a shop in Marysville, Wa, just had a question I hoped I might get some advice on. I recently switched from a 7rd long taper to a 5rd, I made some adjustments to my machine and voltage to compensate for needle change. The first few pieces I did with my 5rd, the line work came out great, as of lately I have notice a few minor cuts in my line work. My machine angle is the same, I'm getting a good stretch, and my hand speed I feel matches the machine great. my needle depth has not changed as well, I am light handed so I feel there is no issue there. I switched back to a 7rd momentarily to see if maybe it was the fact that I was not used to the 5, and I noticed a few small cuts as well. Does anyone have any advice or something I could try, I've tried several different things, a tighter stretch, lowering my power source etc.... but it has not seemed to change anything......the needles are good as well not barbed or bent ....... 2 of my clients were older, and 2 had fairly dark skin, I felt like that could have been the issue I would just like another opinion...... my shading and color packing has been coming out great, I feel like my black pack is not so great when I use my 9rd loose, but with my mag its very smooth.. just hoping to get some help thanks guys.


RE:Issue with my line work

If the needles are free of any barbs, burrs,etc then its gotta be something with the technique. Maybe in certain spots the skin is being stretched too tight, needle too deep, wrong angle momentarily. There are so many possibilities. I would revisit the needle inspection. Grab a magnifying glass and go over the points to be sure theyre clean.
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RE:Issue with my line work

a lot has to do with technique yes, and other is equipment,

what brands are u using for needles and ink?

how many rubber bands u got around ur machine?

u using a grommet or paper towel?

is ur spring ok?

is ur capacitor ok?

is ur coils ok?

my advice is that, after u tweak ur machine and it dosnt fit ur style. then u did something wrong. u may have to change up ur hand and eye coordination.. ur best bet is to spend 325- 400 on a good machine. get ur line work down..

consistency is key.

email me, ive learned a lot.. im also an apprentice in a shop. if ya like to chat email me.

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