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Wiping tattoos and stretching

After i have wet my towell when wiping the ink away i find it leaves a fair bit of moisture on the surface of the skin and makes it hard to get a good stretch as your fingers slip.
But then if you dont wet the towell you get dry smeared ink all over the skin that meeds to be made wet to be removed.
Would really appreciate some ideas or tips for keeping a tattoo clean whilst still be able to pull on the skin enough to get a good stretch


RE:Wiping tattoos and stretching

Whipe the skin with a dry piece of paper after the wet? And stretch with a dry piece of paper. Or just use a semi wet piece of paper? And while away from the area you are tattooing, and then once in a while wash it all down. Also, if you remember to use a/d ointment or whatever you use, it should also help alot
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