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ink for areola tattoo

hi there !

i am close ( couple month ) to start day's of after cancer ( after surgery ) tattoos for areola tattoos at the hospital i work in ( i'm a nurse, and part time tattoo artist ) with the plastic surgeons i work with.....

here is the project : women that had breast cancer are strugeling with surgery, illness, chemo, radiation, for to long....they often have had to quit there job or go onto heatl insurance........welll, they are not alway's able to pay couple hundred dollars for that final stage that is : coloring a surgical areola and nipple, or tattoing an areola onto reconstructed breast......

the little program we are trying to develop is going to get them tattoed by me, in the hospital directly and for a total of zero dollars : money for ink and supply will be donated by breat implant firms......surgeon present to supervise the procedure will be paid by state, and i will be paid by hospital ( my hourly rate as a nurse) and i will bring my own machines......

Big BIG question is : what ink to get ? i dont have any knowledge about cosmetic ink, medical ink, given that intenz or eternal do not have enought skin tones to work with.......

what brand do you recommend, where to get it ( has to be in north america, canada or US. )

if i get permanent makeup ink, is it going to fade away in a couple off years ? or is it as good as tattoo ink ?

thanks for helping me on that one guys


RE:ink for areola tattoo

I really would like some input from you Guys......as this project is not for me but for some women that already went through à lot....thanks......as it is, thinking about getting skintone portrait inks from intense and eternal.......
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RE:ink for areola tattoo

Not to be a jerk but if you can't get proper tones from eternal, intenze, or fusion than there is no ink that will work for you. I suggest fusion. The longevity of the inks mentioned are second to none. You may have to do a little mixing to get the exact tone you want but these inks will do it all.
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RE:ink for areola tattoo


Love to see these sort of post. I too offer this service for free.
What will help you the most before you begin these projects is to get a good understanding of color theory. knowing what colors you need to warm a brown, or cool a brown tone or changing the values of skin tones will dramatically help you to achieve the colors needed for your clients.
Fusion, eternal and Intenze like previously mentioned can achieve any color or Hue you need for a realistic result. it is just a matter of not taking the color at the value they come in, but knowing how to mix them properly. I recommend that you get any of these sets and start mixing them on a paper tray to practice, pick up a couple books on color theory, like "blue and yellow don't make green". the knowledge in this book will really help you in mixing the colors you need.

hope that helps
take care

Stephen Stacey
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