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Jim Hayek and some half sleeves

Hey Mike,

Wanted to check in and see how you and Jim were doing. I was living near Newbury Park and sold Jim some fish and helped him with his fish tank in 2002-2003 about when you were first starting. I wanted to get some work done and he was telling me "Man, you gotta see my friends Mike's work... SO SICK!". Congrats on all the success. Your portfolio has gotten truly impressive and in my opinion rivals the best in the business. I need some easy memorial tats on my arms before you, but from you, I am interested in half sleeves from wrist to elbow. Left arm flames and fire and right arm water and waves, both as photorealistic as possible. I would like have you do the memorials but the are pretty basic (Pair of Aces on right arm and 8's on left, both below inside elbow and a four leaf clover with "Friday the 13th" ringed around it on the inside of my left wrist) I figure I can probably get em done during the wait for you. I may even give Jim a call and see if if I can get him to "unretire" do em ( he was supposed to do my cards 5 years ago but his father in law got sick that morning)

As for the sleeves, I would like as much detail as possible, so as many sessions as you need is great. Any idea as to when you will be available and the number of sessions/hours would be a great help. Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work.



RE: Jim Hayek and some half sleeves

FYI, Jim's not retired! He has a new site up, check it out http://www.JimHayek.com

Peace. Nate
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