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June 11-13 Ink n Iron

Mike, it's me again! The guy whose been wanting to get a tattoo from you since 2008. I recently got my first tatoo of my deceased brother at another shop but I still want your work. You do some AWESOME work; it would be an honor

So, here's the question: How do I volunteer to have you do a tatto at the June 11-13 Ink n Iron, Long Beach California tattoo expo?? I heard artist charge a little less at the expo. and I think it would be ALOT of fun. Let me know, that would be great!


RE: June 11-13 Ink n Iron

Mike, are you booked for Iron N Ink in June??
I want to get some work done. (1st time w/ you)

Let me know!
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RE: June 11-13 Ink n Iron

Send me a message thru the contact page and let me know what you want to get done and we'll go from there.
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