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swashdrive gen 8 issues

I bought a swashdrive gen 8 about two months ago After reading many positive things about it.. I just wanted to know some settings anyone uses for lining, black and grey and solid black Filling.. I'm using t tech grips and needle cartridgesand I have the 2 weight attachments and using silver back ink .. I've also read that some people have been having trouble with lines falling out which I'm also having issues with.. Any help will be appreciated because I'm very close to just selling my machine.. Thank you


RE:swashdrive gen 8 issues

I own a swashdrive gen 8 absolutely love it, usually lining depending on your hand speed I would suggest 8.2-8.6 volts, same with color packing and the adjustment at ten o clock black n grey I would lower from 7.5-8.0 but that's just my opinion if you get on Facebook there is a swashdrive group that helps with all questions with some very talented artists including Phatt German Ty have a good day help this helps
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