9545 Reseda Blvd. unit 2, Northridge, CA (818) 700-2818

Brandyn Feldman

I've waited over 6 months for a return if a broken/ dis functioning foot switch from Brandyn Feldman, he lied 3 times to me about it being sent. Still haven't recieved it. Sent me a fucked up E-mail about how it was my fault it didn't work then, Apologized about sending the email. then lied again about sending it. This guy is a fucked up business person, human being, & dies not give a flying fuck about a true artist. He is selling crap to our industry!!!!!! I just want to warn everyone who cares!!!!! Any that know me know u would not say anything like this if it was not true! That's my 2 cents ( in this case $80 out if pocket) thank fuck I didn't buy a machine from the cunt!!!! Anyone who lives in Califirnia look him up & stop by his place!!!!! Unless he is just gonna hide & make excuses


RE:Brandyn Feldman

Hate to say it but I've had the displeasure of doing business with Brandyn too. Bought a clip cord a couple years ago, and when it broke (within week) I contacted him about the warranty and his attitude was not encouraging to say the least! I decided to keep it and after resoldering and heavily wrapping it, it sees use on occasion .
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