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A rather unpleasant experience

Hi, I just feel like telling you what happened last thursday as I'm still fuming about it and I need to vent.

So I've been tattooing for 5 years and I'm doing pretty good for myself. I still have a lot to learn but I get calls and messages every day from people who have heard that I'm a good tattoo artist and want an appointment.

I run my own shop alone in my town. Tattooing is my job, it is my living and my passion and it's going well. Years ago I did both scratching and a proper apprenticeship and..... let's just say I'm starting to get the hang of this tattooing thing.

So a guy I have known since before I started tattooing (Let's call him Anton) is considered somewhat of a veteran in the business. Anton's an old man and have been tattooing for 40-50 years or so in a shop in another town.

I respected him greatly and we were always having a friendly chat every time I came by his shop. So since I've been tattooing alone for about 3 years now, it's starting to get lonely, so I asked him if I could come to his shop once a week to work with him and his crew. He said sure, and I came by the following Thursday.

That day I did a tattoo for free on Anton's friend, I helped a few customers and I cleaned the station an employee had used before quitting the job (a real mess). and I had booked a customer for the next Thursday. I felt great as I feel I did a good job and I can't imagine that he would see me as anything but an asset to the studio.

So the next Thursday I come in to Antons shop, my client isn't gonna come until 5pm so I go sit down to draw. Anton suddenly comes up to me and "needs to talk to me".

Anton says he's received some complaints about me. I'm like, "what??" apparently according to Anton, there were two girls that had "never felt so badly treated ever" and they would never come back.

I'm not recognizing what he's talking about at all! I run my own shop and I have hundreds of returning customers! not once have I received complaints about bad service!

So I'm just standing there looking like a big question mark and Anton says: "I received a call from our competitor down the street letting me know that the girls went there to get tattooed."

at that point it just sounded too weird... I've heard clients talk shit about other artists in my town but not once have I even considered calling the shops and letting them know!

With a skeptical look on my face I just stood there and I didn't even know what to say.

Then Anton says "yeah, it's a damn shame cuz' that's like 500$ we're not gonna see".... and that's where I realized what was up. A guy I've known many years is trying to scam me.. I was furious! I'm 31 years old and he thinks I don't recognize bullshit when I hear it?

I've never punched a 60 year old guy in the face and I didn't want that moment to be the first so I just packed my stuff and left without saying a word.

Now... is this something that happens often or once in a while in the business? or is this a freak incident?

I honestly don't know what to think about this...