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Best Books to study

Im curious what books everyone has used over the years to improve design. I got into this industry not long ago, had no tattoos, no background in it, just someone told me i could be good at this because I have alot of expierience with illustration. I jumped in and so far things have been going great. Every tattoo is better than the last and now im approaching the limits of what I can draw. I mean I still have a way to go but i can see myself hitting a platoe if i dont re-up on just knowledge in general.
so i'v been reapplying things i stopped learning as a kid. downloaded a copy of "Dynamic Anatomy" which really has added a little something to renderings of the human form. little things in the muscle defenition that I wasnt getting before. Its a definate must read even if you already draw the human for pretty well. give more insite into things its easy to forget over the years.
next i think is another re-visit to old stuff i've put aside, "color theory" as a general topic.
I'd like to find a really in depth book on it though. something that would cover all the unknown unknowns lurking out there for me in dealing with color and value and the appropriateness of warm and cool greys. Anyone have any insite on where to go first?
Also, any other informative books out there I should check out. Not just pertaining to anatomy or color but any sort of book. off hand I cant think of anything but thats because you dont know what you dont know. Please answer back. ps this is my first post sorry so long


RE:Best Books to study

Actually I wanna throw out there that "Color and Light" by james gurney is probably a good color and light book to check out. I havent gotten to check it out myself, but i hear good things from tallented artists using different mediums.
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RE:Best Books to study

Blue and yellow don't make green. Good read on color theory.
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