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finally got my head out of my ass

So, 10 years ago I was offered an apprenticeship with my sister's then-boyfriend and I jumped at with no clue as to what to expect. It was something I had thought about but never pursued for various reasons. About a year (and 2 grand) in I started to understand what I should be looking for and realizing I wasn't getting what I should have been. But I'm stubborn and stuck it out thinking I didn't have other options. The place was full of self-taught artists that shouldn't have been teaching anyone anything but the rest of the area wasn't much better so young me decided "fuck it, I'll figure it out on my own as I go." I know now that that wasn't the right decision. The placed closed down 6 years ago and I opened my own place shortly after. I've been doing alright (I like to think my work has improved year after year) but the competition is starting to get a little stiff and I'm realizing "good enough" isn't good enough, I need to learn faster and better. I don't do either of those through books, videos, seminars, etc. Believe me I've tried, but it's just way to slow and my clients deserve better than that. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I've tried making contact with better artists looking to maybe have someone watch me for a short tattoo and tell me what I can do better but the forums I've used have all pretty much assumed I'm just a scratcher looking for a quick apprenticeship or something and deleted my posts. I'm coming up on 11 years of mediocre and I'm not okay with it.