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Hawk Pen lining issue

Hi guys,
I recently moved form my old coil machines to the the Pen and what can i say, i'm extremely happy with it, however one issue i seem to be having is with the way my lining is healing, the machines lines extremely well both one pass and line sculpting (i tend to build my lines more rather then one pass them), it all goes smoothly and easily in during the session but recently more and more tattoos come back with scarred line work.
i have tried going low on voltage (as low as 7), changing how much the needle is sticking out, changing the skin stretch and my approach to the lines... with little to no change which i find baffling.

any tips \ tricks \ advice on what i might be doing wrong?
I would really like to resolve this as i know it is possible, I cant be the only one experiencing this, but i also hear everywhere that people line perfectly with this machine...

any Help welcome.


RE:Hawk Pen lining issue

You are most likely going too deep and not angling you needle correctly. You can't drag the needles in a line or it will scar. You have to move your hand slowly; letting the needles glide.
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