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Lubeing the skin ?

I've heard it said and seen it done sometimes, but many don't.
Wanting to know if lubricatiing the skin with Vaseline before packing solid colours/black actually helps the colour go in? Or if it's a no no by most professionals?


RE:Lubeing the skin ?

Even though I spent most of my apprenticeship studying black and grey under my mentor, i fell for color as soon as i got the chance to do large pieces, and learnt mainly from my own trial and errors. I use vaseline for two things, sticking my ink caps down and coating the surrounding skin to make it easier to wipe clean. other than that I use Hustle butter/redemption/purple glide. For Colour work I prefer purple glide cause its a little more soothing (clients opinions), especially as you are working the skin a little more. but only a very fine layer on the area you are working. saves clogging needles and reducing ink flow. I would never go in dry, seems to give a blockier effect with the colour blending
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