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Quick colour

I have an fk iron colour packer set up to run pretty quick and 6 volts gives a real good hit although if i slow it down and turn up to about 8-9 vokts the difference isnt really noticeable. I use envy 9 gauge needles for most jobs as they are a pretty good go between as far as i can see. My lines go in fine (again use fk iron liner with envy apex needles) my shading is as smooth as id like it. I use an illadelphia iron soft shader with the envy 9 gauge needles or normal 8 gauge bugpins. All intenze ink..

My question is.....

Every person i see nowdays uses rotarys, and the ink seems to fly in so fast it astounds me. I see these colour portraits and every colour just seems to stick to the skin like its being rollered on.

Ive have experimented on piggy with my normal needles and set up and can get no where near the saturation in the same time. I have practiced and changed technique, hand speed, voltage, throw, pretty much everyting. I do not really want to try 12 gauge needles as im scared of overworking, but would this help or is it the simple fact that rotarys chuck ink in better than coils? Or isit that everyone is using cartridges is that the difference?
Id really like some opinions on this as its giving me sleepless nights (literally) lol
What are you guys using for needles? Especially mike as i have one of your dvds and your using an fk iron packer and the inks flying in too.
Another little thing - witch hazel or mixing solution on top of your ink caps. Some inks are easier to put in than others. Is it a good rule of thumb to chuck a couple of drops in to thinnen inks to less vicosity? Or should they be ok as they are in a cool climate?
Just tell me how to do it pleeease!!