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Mixing water with ink

I watched a nikko hurtado dvd doing a day of the dead girl.. he mixes water in the tip with every dip into the ink no matter what the colour or value of ink. Can somebody please explain this. The ink isnt coming out as a wash hes just putting a tiny amount in with the ink mixture. Id love to know why if anybody knows?


RE:Mixing water with ink


Hey bro,

Water is also used as a carrier to help with ink flow as well as a rinsing area for your needles. Nikko likes to do a lot of color blends in his work and so he doesn't like ink drying up in his tube during longer sessions, or in larger tattoos that require a longer span of blending . by dipping every time, he is able to minimize this without having to wash his tube out as often, unless he is going to a different color area... many of today's inks, like fusion eternal, and intenze are at a specific viscosity that will allow for a bit of water to be mixed to help carry and assist ink flow. without the risk of watering them down too much....

Hope that helps..

Take care.

Stephen Stacey
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RE:Mixing water with ink

Thanks for the great answer.. i thought it may be to get less viscosity like a lining black compared to a true black but he did mention ink drying in the tube actually.. and it makes perfect sense as he says its hot where he is based.
Thanks again pal!!
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