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Digital Camera

Hey Mike I was just woundering what camera do you use to take photographs of your tattoos. I was thinking of purchasing a Canon Rebel XS 10.1 Mega Pixel but I am hestitating. Would this be a good camera for still shots with low lighting. Or do you suggest any other type of camera? thanks a million.


RE:Digital Camera

This is pretty sad but true, the most recent photos that I have been posting is from my Iphone 4. My other camera is a Nikon d-5000 with an expensive lens and especially if its indoor photography of tattoos I have been getting better pics with my iphone 4, with less hassle. I still take photos with my Nikon but when I compare photos, I end up liking my phone pics better. The only draw back to using the phone for pics,is that its probably not the best quality for magazine photos for print.
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