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Temporary Tattoos?

Hi Mike, what's up? I wanna have a tattoo but not a permanent one. I heard something about semi-permanent tattoos, that last about 3 years. Is that true? If it's not, what do you suggest?


RE: Temporary Tattoos?

If you dont want permanent go for the super cool henna tattoo that you can get at a carnival or what not..i have heard of that semi permanent ink,but i have never heard anything about it working well,the question i would ask is, as its fading in the 3 years hows it going to look during that whole process,is it going to be faded and look like crap after 6 months and you have to live with something that looks bad untill it fades off completely.Just go for a real one,think about it and not rush into it,figure it out what u would be happy with and find the right artist for the job and go for it.
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