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Cheyenne hawk thunder care?

Ok I've been using the hawk thunder for 2 years now. I absolutely love it but I'm having a little trouble. I have a critical power supply with the Cheyenne conversion cord and ever now and again my hawk cuts out. My first machine I bought used from another artist, so I thought maybe something happened. Then I bought a brand new machine and I'm still having the same problem.
I'm aware that the machine only is supposed to run between 6 and 12 volts. I keep my critical between 7.5 and 8... And the machine still cuts out every once in awhile. I've noticed the longer I'm using the machine the more frequently it happens. It's really frustrating.
I truly love the machine, but is anyone else having this issue?
Maybe I just had bad luck with 2 faulty machines... I'm thinking of getting a third to give it one more try.


RE:Cheyenne hawk thunder care?

Hi mate. I've had a mate have the same problem with his machine. Problem was with the critical power supply. He had it checked with a a meter reader by an electician. The volts were all over the place and that was making the machine trip out. I've converted my hawk machine to rca and use an eikon power supply, my machines work like a dream. Check out the conversion I did on my instagram Tattzbytez111. Also it could be a faulty cord so if you've got someone else in the studio using one switch it up and see how that goes.


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