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long term survival rate

Hey mike,
Just bought the book. looking forward to it.
I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the long term survival of portraits and realism tattoos in general as opposed to traditional americana or japanese. Im a realist painter who is currently doing an apprenticeship and wanting to do more realism in my tattoos, However I work with people who only do traditional so Its hard to prove to them that not everything needs a bold outline.
Just wondering if you had any thoughts or maybe could point me in the right direction for more info.
Ill see you at the Sf expo.


RE: long term survival rate

I talk about this briefly in my book,no matter how you look at it,no tattoo looks perfect till the day you die,depends on alot of things but a biggie is how the person takes care of it,and the way i look at it with no disrespect the first thing that looks jacked up on a 20-40 year old tattoo is the outline so what does that tell ya. Any kind of style outline or no outline will probably need some touch up one day..
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RE: long term survival rate

I totally agree with that.
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