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Urgent Questions about Neumas

Hey Mike, so i'm making the upgrade to Neumas, But i got a couple Questions to throw at ya..

1. Is there a substantial difference between the gen 1 neumas and the gen 2? (I-neuma/Holo Neuma) Would you recomend spendin the extra ~60 bucks for the gen 2's?

2. Do you use the footswitch? I worked with a guy who used Neumas and he never used a foot switch, just flipped the valve on the regulator and went to work.. By letting the machine run for the most entirety of the tattoo, don't you have to worry about cross mixing inks (dipping into different colors, diluting them, etc?) which i know can work in your favor at times to work subtle blends and transition colors.. but what are your thoughts?

3. Do you run both your liner and shader at the same PSI? And i know you can use any neuma for a liner or a shader and you just adjust the depth you set the needle as well as work alot by feel, was it hard to transition to this technique from adjusting the speed of a standard electric machine?

I could probably go on all day picking your brain about these things, but then where would the fun be about learning it on my own, haha..

Thanks for the help Mike, keep up the kickass work


RE: Urgent Questions about Neumas

i dont use the foot switch,ive tried it but would rather do without it.All the neumas are the same so just pick the colors you like the best,as far as psi, i adjust it depending on the needle thats set up its always a tad different,youll know if its to high and if its to low,youll feel it out and find out whats best for you.i go off of sound more than what the actual psi says.
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RE: Urgent Questions about Neumas

Sweet Thanks Mike, I should have enough dough saved up and be ordering them in a month or so... I'll let you know how they're working out..

Again, thanks for the info

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RE: Urgent Questions about Neumas

hi mike
when i see your work i drop my coil machines and buy the neumas.
i start to tattoo with them but seems that the skin get some bleeding,is normal the skin bleed with neumas?

i checkout and dont have any hook needle,and the ink dont split

any help
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RE: Urgent Questions about Neumas

no that is not common for it to bleed more,usually it should be less,but just sometimes you get bleeders.
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RE: Urgent Questions about Neumas

i get some bloodiness,but if i drop the psi i dont get the ink in the skin...
my problem is that i can get feel the sound(speed) i tattoo like in the coil machine.
how many times you can go in a spot with neumas?
i only can go for 2 or 3 times more that this it seems overworked

thanks for help
hope receive or book soon,you ar e agreat artist
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