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relentless irons from hildbrant

Has anyone bought a relentless iron or know how the machine runs? the looks are rad but want to know if it's smooth and can handle day-to-day use. I saw them on the hildbrant website. Just looking for info from someone with experience. Thanks!


RE:relentless irons from hildbrant

they look okay. nothing you can't build on your own from various parts.
If you're looking for a very well built and easy to fix machine that runs reliably then i would start with a timemachine.

If you have a small collection of mid grade machines and want something new, then go with your guts.

If you have been fighting with your machines and need a new way they run then it's time to go furthing down the rabbit hole and start to research how these things really behave and start to frankenstien up some purpose built machines specific. in example: three coils for a black and grey kit.
then another drawer for color.
I don;t know what you already know, but for me i use 14rs only in BnG work, and my 17 mad budpins in both, hardly line, but always set up a 5 liner for white regardless of color or BnG.
So try to think of these situations and then hunt for our buid/modify machines for this task.
you might like rotaries for color packing only, and coils for lines and highlights.
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