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Voltage on Neotat Vivace

Hey guys, I've been tattooing for over 7 years now...bare in mind that most of that has been in prison where I learned with a single needle set up. I've been working with a Neotat Vivace for the last year or so and still seem to have a problem with solid fills and smooth greys. I'm guessing that it has to do with the voltage in relation to the cps. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction on what voltage works best for both fills and soft grey shading?? Mine is hit and miss...sometimes its pretty good and others its slightly patchy...I'm running a 2.5 for my liner and a 3.5 for shading and color...i'm going to be buying a 4.5 soon too. I just got my first chair at a shop and obviously want to make an impression. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!



RE:Voltage on Neotat Vivace


Hey man,

The Neotat is pretty much on par with the voltage. 10volts = 100 hps. (Hits Per Second ) 12 volts = 120 hps, 8 volts = 80 hps, etc. the variance is plus or minus 5%...

hope that helps


Stephen Stacey
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