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Hi everyone. A few days ago I sent an e-mail to Rotary Bishop Assistance asking for avice on how to lube my machine, and they told me they are not longer recommending the use of the Lube oil pen. We should use only the Grease packets to re-lube about every 6 months. I copy and paste here their official stance:
"Important: After consulting with our engineer and receiving feedback from our customers, we will discontinue the use of the lubing oil (oil pen). Going forward we will only provide the lubing grease (grease packets) for use with Bishop Rotary machines. This change should prevent the possibility of over-lubing and extend the life of your machine. Please refer to the SERVICE section of our website for detailed instructions on how to properly maintain your machine. If you should need additional grease, it can be ordered directly from our website."
I hope this helps!