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Re painting tattoo frame


I need to make the tune grip bigger using a dremel on one of my works horse machine as it won't take some of my disposable tubes.

After I will need to re paint the area where it has been dremeled.

Can anyone help me with what I should or need to do?




RE:Re painting tattoo frame

i think that if i where you, i would get in touch with workhorse and tell them your problem.and i bet if you sent your machine and one of your grips to them , they would make some adjustments to your machine to fit your grips for a small charge. i don't think that i would mess up my original paint on a nice machine just for a disposable grip that you will probably stop using some day. but that's just me. or you can drill it bigger and just polish it on the inside and keep it oiled.hope this helps.
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