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Dear fellow artists,

I started tattooing 10 years ago and became a full time artist 3 years ago. I am almost completely self taught, and therein lies the problem. One day I realized I probably shouldn’t have started tattooing without a few more years of art practice first. Either way, I’m here now and trying my ass off to get better.

I would like to vastly increase my knowledge of art and art techniques in general. I specifically want to learn about art techniques from an artist who is knowledgeable and specializes in their medium. (Painting, pencils, watercolor, tattooing, anything) The only mediums I have any considerable practice with, are colored pencil and tattooing, and I feel so far from knowledgeable with those. School and classes have always been very frustrating for me. I always seem to make it harder than it needs to be, and usually get angry do to the inopportune time to ask questions. Either way, I am interested in art school but it is financially out of the question as of now. The same goes for buying books, they can get expensive, and it is quite a lengthy process just to find ones that will answer my questions. I do feel like I have an enormous amount of potential. I am like a sponge when given the permission to ask questions and watch someone work, That is always where my greatest progress has stemmed from.

Quite honestly, I am looking for someone that is willing to teach me and have some fun doing it. I am not short on creativity, intelligence or talent…just confidence. And I’m definitely working on that.

I’m not sure how much of a trade it will be, but I am willing to be an assistant (or understudy if you will) for this trade of knowledge. I’m willing to move across the world for the right teacher. I’m just not at all sure how to go about finding this. I realize this all may sound like an easy way out of being self motivated. The truth is, I know this is the best way for me as an individual, to really progress.

Am I searching for ghosts, or can I find what I am looking for?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!

p.s. If you feel like helping me out with a critique, here’s the link to my tattoo portfolio (if it works, as I am not very computer savvy).



if you can get a hold of Brandon Bond's Whole Enchilada 1 and 2 , you might really like them...not trying to give him a shameless plug, but they are pretty good,
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