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Monochromatic Portraits

Hi Mike!

I am an apprentice tattoo artist and a big fan of your work. I recently finished watching your DVD on animal style realistic and have also watched the original portrait DVD.
My question to you is how is the best way to start doing portrait tattoos? for example my good friend wants me to do their Gene Simmons tattoo for them and i drew a really good one on paper in Monochrome style (using blue tones throughout) ,however i am new to tattooing portraits and mixing the blue/grey combinations properly.
I don't want to just jump in over my head and do it because it looked good on paper but i would really love to do this piece eventually and i wondered what sort of things i can do for practice to nail it when i do feel i have the skills to do it.


RE:Monochromatic Portraits

Before you jump into a portrait on skin make sure your well rounded in all areas of tattooing. If you can tattoo well and you can make the portrait happen on paper then you should be able to attempt it on skin.
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RE:Monochromatic Portraits

Thanks heaps Mike

I'll keep progressing the way i am and practice drawing a lot more realistic pictures.

Brando from Aus
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