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Cranial Visions

Hey Mike

Brando from Aus again, I just wanted to write and tell you how much i enjoyed my copy of cranial visions. I was impressed by the artwork and even more impressed by the artists talented enough to diversify over different mediums and create equally good and inspiring artwork. I have tried my hand at paint and did ok but would like to get more involved in the medium as i have been wanting to do a large canvas painting of Baron Samedi and i drew huge inspiration from the pages of your book, also it gave me a few ideas for my tattoo work as i am working on a few different concepts for a grim reaper and chicano sleeve design, i sometimes fall into the dreaded zone where i find myself re-using ideas i've come up with before and i don't want to get stale in my work and prefer to push the creativity of it all so thanks once again and i look forward to seeing more from memento.

PS If you don't mind i would like to send you a photo of the Baron Samedi painting when im done, your critique would be greatly appreciated.


RE:Cranial Visions

Thank You, Glad you like Cranial Visions and gained some inspiration from it, thats what its all about! Yes,please send me the picture when your finished with it, email from the contact tab on the top right of the site is best... Thanks again.
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