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artists or machines?

i´ve read a lot of discusions about machines, coils /rotary ad then im was wondering what happen with those artist that uses expensive machines and their works never never changes to better and then they blame their inks, or needles and they never take the chance to change their way to get the ink into the skin..

like mike sayd once every artist has their won methods and tricks when it comes to tattoin! and i ask what really matters the artists or needle, machines, inks? i know that everything counts but good art can be done with cheap machines or needle maybe not with cheap ink.


RE:artists or machines?

I think those that are true artist, are looking for the extra tips to help get a better edge in the industry.
those that lack the artistic skill are looking for the magic leprechaun who has some secret that he obtained on top of the highest mountain, from a blind monk, of which he had to learn brail and for 20 years in order to get the secret to being an amazing tattoo artist. for alot of people on this forum, they truley believe that mike has had a conversation with this magic leprechaun. they can't seem to comprehend the amount of dedication and effort it takes to get to mikes skill level.

its the same as people trying to find the magic diet pill to lose weight. they can't wrap their head around the idea that all you need to do is diet and exercise.

stephen stacey.
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RE:artists or machines?

ok there´s a few things for those artist: this site is the magic mountain, mike is that monk and the secrets are hidden in mike´s books an dvds
there u go if u put a lil attencion to every step that mike takes u´ll be that artist that u want to be!

take a few step fowards....may u learn something!
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