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swashdrive generation 7

mike when you try the swashdrive gen7 please tell us something.
some people said that the swash plate give make less skin trauma than the standard rotary



RE:swashdrive generation 7

yeah its a great machine ive been useing it for about 6 1/2 months now and i reckon it awsome it creats less truama to the skin but if your a shitty backyarder and dont know anything about tattooing it wont matter what machine your useing, but back to it, im useing a critical cx1 with it and it run great and it can puch bigger mags aswell, and try to run them at a lower volt i run mine for solid colour at around 6volts and i move pretty quik so if your starting out with rotarys i would run them at a lower volt untill you get used to it
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