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how to network for opportunities?

Just wondering how people actually network in the industry so that they have the chance to be a part of collaborations/books etc

I have a real love of my industry, but I find that remaining independant of the politics can sometimes take a step backwards in terms of being able to network with other artists.

As I am not part of many commities/bike clubs/associations etc, I have found that despite the work coming from our studio, we are often overlooked.

I would really love to network and be a part of new upcoming releases/collaborative books, etc but am fairly new to internet marketing and don't know how to start this process.

Is being a big name in this industry a lot to do with internet marketing, or are there other ways around it providing that your work is of standard?

(also not disclaiming anyone that IS a bog name due to their quality)

Does anyone have any suggestions (apart from "friending" other tattoo artists on facebook etc that might actually increase my chances of networking, getting to know other artists and having an opportunity to be a part of opportunities in the future.

Cheers for any suggestions


RE:how to network for opportunities?

Good tattoo work speaks for itself. As long as you get it out there opportunities will rise. Facebook, mags, conventions,etc.
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