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blending technique

hi mike
i always apreciate your blending technique,for me youre the best tattooist in the world.
but im surprised that you like to tattoo with the neo tat machine,because the machine dont have give.
how can you blending without give?


RE:blending technique

I thought the same thing for a while! But it is possible. Machines such as the NeoTat are very smooth and straight to the point. You can get smooth blends with less layering,due to the fact it gets the ink in even better. Almost takes you back to the basics. Pack and go. Im still feeling them out, but so far a machine like that with a medium or short stroke would be ideal, for smooth blending. You can still have a few layers depending on your speed,needle depth,etc. Just not as much as using lets say the Neuma for example. Ive been in more of a mode where I want to get things done and packed it more solid,less layers, rather than a bunch of layers to try and achieve the same build up. Theres just different ways to do it. Ive been using this New prototype by InkJecta,that will have a different name when it comes out, but Im thinking it may be the best yet. Better balance, light weight, no give or more give than you will ever need and I believe they will be short or medium stroke. But don't quote me on that. Really awesome rotary machines,Coming soon!!
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