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mike in your opinion whats the rotary with more give in the market?
i try the hawk but is to rigid



Theres a new machine coming out that i think may be the best rotary yet (they just keep getting better!). Its made by Inkjecta. I have been using it everyday and its awesome! You can have absolutely no give or more give than you would ever need. Light weight, great balance and very smooth,,small in size, takes regular clipcord and rca plug in. It comes with the best motor available. Which is going to make them on the expensive side. They said probably around 525-550 per machine. It has been my go to machine every day since I have received it. Like I said its made by Inkjecta but this machine will have a specific name when they are released, probably within a month or two.I have been using the prototype and once the actual machines are manufactured they said they will run even better, so Im really looking forward to that!
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