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carpal tunnel

In the side of my family they have history cases of athritis, and I am in a fear also of sufering athritis, but that comes along with carpal tunnel if you use vibrating equipment evry day(coil machine). My question is, does roataries have any vibration? and how do they work for lining, do you have to move slower or faster?


RE:carpal tunnel

the rotaries do have less vibration than most coils, although the type of rotary will determin how much vibration, swash drive vs direct drive, canister, cam drive, linear, glide, slider, ...etc...etc..most have a similar feel.
if your looking for a rotary for lining, I would recomend the neotat, because they do not have any give. and almost have that "line like a pencil feel". but if your having trouble with vibration I would recomend wrapping your tubes with a paper towl and some secure tape, or buy some tube grips like red ratts
(if you can find them) or other silicone/rubber grips, they really reduce the vibration.

good luck hope this helps

stephen stacey
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