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1'inch coils

What do ya think about the 1 inch coils for lining? The reason I am asking this question is because I just recently used my mini Junebug machine that I have just purchased and It heats up quickly like in forty minutes. I have always used the full size coils for shading and lining and they don't ever heat up they just start feeling a little bit warm after three hour constant use. Does any one would recommend me a shorty coil machine that is strong runner for a long period usage. I was thinking about a ciferri but I don't know.


RE:1'inch coils

I can't recommend one because I "built" or assembled my own but I use a 1in coil machine for my lining. Full size steel frame with a yoke. I used to have a problem with over heating but realized the 1 pc spring had way too much tension. Changed to a 2 pc, retuned and it runs great for hours. I run
my machine slightly higher than most with a long stroke and have no over heating issues. I'm not a machine builder or anything that's just what works for me. Good luck
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