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mikes opinion

Hey Mike, hope business is kicking ass for ya! I was wondering if you have gotten a chance to use the gen 7 yet. I saw in a recent picture that you purchased one. I've been using it ever since i talked to you a while back about what machine to roll with. Honestly I never got around to getting the stigma so i went with the gen 7. Have you used it yet or are you set on the inkjekta for now? I have found that the gen7 is smooth as shit and I've actually been running it without the give. I tried both way's and just couldn't get that comfortable with the give.The regular hit is fantastic! It's weird because it reminds me of the neuma hybrid with the medium cushion, but better: It doesn't take as long to build up my work. It's actually a very solid fuckin' machine dude. Thought's?


RE:mikes opinion

I do have one...Just haven't had a chance to use it enough to have a good opinion on it yet. Yes, Lately I have been loving the new Inkjecta Prototype that I have been using with my 15 mag. Ive been going back and forth with the Dragon Fly and Stigmas for my 7 mag, and I'm still using my Stigma Hyper for lining. Im doing the same thing as well, all the give screws are turned all the way in. It seems to be more efficient that way. Maybe soon Ill venture back out and use the Neotat and gen7 more often.
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