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color pigments

Hey mike, Do u prefer your colors to be watery or thick?
For me I work better when the colors are thick but, I have a yellow from starbrite and intenze that are really watery, which is hard for me to work with. How do thicken up your colors?



RE:color pigments

I prefer the pigments to be a nice in between, not to thick and not to thin. I've been using all Eternal Ink lately except for the black and grey I've been using Dynamic Black, but Eternal, Fusion and Intenze all have a nice consistency to them. If you want to thicken up a thin yellow you can always dip it in white, it will thicken it up a bit but then again it will take away vibrancy and make it a creamier yellow,this also works well to use yellow for a an actual cover up color, alone yellow doesn't work that well but dipped in white it manages to do better.
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