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colour work

Hi, I have been tasting for around 5 years now and have my own studio, just bought a stigma hyper and its wicked for all jobs. I am mainly a black and grey artist but I am moving into colour realism, I am wanting to know the best way to put for colour application with blending etc? Usually I run it at a normal depth, I use fusion colours and 11 mag 00 textured needles. Am I best of running the machine at a fast speed and a shorter depth or a slightly longer depth and plough it in?, I simply want better blending results like mikes and a quicker healing time..... love your work mate. Cheers


RE:colour work

Stop using textured needles, use bugpins. Don't "plough" anything in, only gonna cause trauma and skin damage. Over lap and mix colors. Use water like a wash even. Figure out what works best forthe way you tat. Same approach as black and grey with full saturation, same machines, same setup. Practice makes perfect ... Got 2 legs to work with. nobody said it was easy, but you'll get it. Read more of the past forum entries.
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