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New Machine

just thought id share this, looks interesting.


is this the next new Craze? lol


RE:New Machine

No way it looks like if the give is set as the same ones that came out before like stigma and piratetattoo. My money is on the new swash drive whip. FK always overprice their machines.

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RE:New Machine

rotarys is all the same ,this one is look like dragon fly
the problem with guys that make this machines is that most of them dont know how to tattoo,,is made by ebgeniers that never make a line in her life,or some tattooists that dont know how to tattoo properly in skin deep-
to tattoo with a rotary we have to get a lot of experience and work very fast
rotarys is good for photographic work or some call realism
for packing good color coils is the best
guy aitchison use rotarys?of course not
aaron cain?no

so rotarys is not good as people think is all about publicity
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RE:New Machine

So, Jason or should i say Brian... Mike DeVries, you know, the guy who runs this site? His work is subpar, and he is a bogus loser for using rotarys? You are just as whacked as ever, like bashing Nick Baxter on his forum... Mike and many artists use rotary machines with amazing results, so just because you are a frustrated ,struggling tattooer, don't spread your insecurities as gospel!
The Spektra looks pretty tight, but I am good with my al13 galaxie II
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RE:New Machine

Couldn't agree more with tommy, I am for sure this is brian that posted as Jason II. He wrights the same way and still follows the same stupid philosophy LOL.
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RE:New Machine

this tread was about the specific machine..not to argue whats or who is better or not...
i think this machine will be hit , if they keep it available,and dont gouge prices.
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RE:New Machine

my name is jason not brian
of course mike devries have a excelent work,but is a diferent technique than artists like aaron cain or guy,the way that this masters put the ink in the skin cant be done with rotarys.
theres only a few tattooists in the world that can be work like this masters,is a very hard process,very dificult to learn.

fk said said coils or die at least 300 times and now build a rotary,its all about business.
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RE:New Machine

Just came up with a few posts regarding ur new machine and here are the answers:

- The machine has a different look like the dragon fly unless we are going to assume that because we need to respect geometries we are going to call the next machine a copy (vise - a bar distance, position of motor)
- Our machine is completely sealed,
- Its cleavable upon releasing motor with a 1/4 twist.
- the final product has a bunch of new cool features (will post pics soon on site)
- It will go for less than most imported rotaries
- It's not expensive when you know the machine has great motor and parts and I spent almost 2 years in the making.
- The give system is completely new to anything I've seen. It doesn't have a piston anymore
- The machine breaks apart with hands no tools required
- almost impossible to break.
- if motor burns you get a new one and just plug it yourself.
- The tensioner system has a fixed adjustment, less part and its removable easily prior sterilization or if you prefer to use rubber bands.

We try to cover as much as possible before making a quick release to "just make business" like someone stated.

"Coil or die" still a truth for me as I enjoy tattooing with coils. The motor we are using also has coils and it moves result of electromagnetism :)
"Thank you Tesla for the enlightenment"

If any of you have any questions please let me know.
It's getting old to see everywhere that any machine with a motor now looks like a dragonfly and mad respect I have for them. I know them personally and have exchange words in several occasions (just to make sure)
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