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Kuro sumi Graywash users

I am a sumi user for many years now...i was just wondering what are others doing to cut it down shades....what are your drops in in 16ink cup....i already have my own way of making it. just wanted 2 see what others around da country are doing? Thanks guys..

p.s. mike if u have used sumi we would like to know also.


RE:Kuro sumi Graywash users

I've used Sumi a couple times and didn't prefer it as much as Talins or some of the other grey washes that are now available. Lately, I've been using Dynamic black for my solid blacks, washes and line-work. But with any brand I would do about the same ratio, Cap of black, then a cap with 10-12 drops, 5-6, 3-4, 2 and 1 and a cap of distilled water for an even lighter shade that ill dip my 1 drop into every now and then, that ultimately becomes a half drop (in theory). The reason I switch it up and there is that range, is due to the skin i'm dealing with, if its a darker skin tone that the client has then I increase my drops to go on the darker side. Sometimes I find the right tones and i don't even end up using one of the caps, sometimes the 3-4 and 2 drop caps get neglected and get used the least, especially with Dynamic black, its darker than lets say "Talins or Sumi" so a one drop of Dynamic is like a 2 drop of another brand. Just play with it, and find your sweet spots.
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