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Color ink on African American Skin

Hey Mike, I'm a carmel skin African American and most colors appear on me, but I'm stomp with a problem on whats a good ink that I can use on medium dark to dark skin African Americans? And have you ever got stuck with this problem if a client ask for a color portrait on them? What color inks are the best for Us?


RE:Color ink on African American Skin

If someone is to dark, then I try my best to persuade them into black and grey. It will just look better and last longer over time. Just gotta use your best judgment for each individual client. But there are no special colors for dark skin, if someone is to dark and insisted on a color portrait and I thought they were absolutely to dark for it, I would put my foot down and say "sorry,it wont look good, and as a matter a fact it will look bad and It shouldn't be done." If you think someone is borderline where you think a color portrait might work, then you might not want to use the lightest color in your skin tone range and the least amount of white possible, but theres different ways...All in all, if you can avoid it, thats the best option and go with black and grey,or else you will just struggle with it, if you get talked into doing it, just make them aware that it may take two or three passes on separate occasions after each heal to do a run through to make it as solid as possible.
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