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Black Ink

Ok i need some help, i usually use kuro sumi ink to do my tribal work, i didnt realize i was running low and i have a tat to do tomorrow night.. The only ink i can get in town is classic ink and some shit called infinitii.. has anyone everheard of either of these, if so which one would u recommend... i hate watery inks... And if i spend my money i just want it to be good...let me know i am leaning more towards the classic ink, tribal black.. if you dont think i should use this ink let me know.


RE:Black Ink

hey, just a thought, please don't take this the wrong way, but if you are concerned about the quality of inks and need to "settle" for another brand, do you think the customer would mind putting the tattoo off for another day. just explain to them that you've run out of your ink that you prefer and that you want the best for them. and to see if they would mind coming back when your stock is replenished. usually I find if im in a jam like this, I just tell them I want the best for them and dont want to settle for anything else to do their tattoo, 99% of them will be grateful for your honesty and see that you really care about the quality of the tattoo they're receiving, and would gladly rebook.

but if I had to choose between the two I would use classic.

hope that helps bro. take care.
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