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(No, I am not that Tommy!) Starbrite is made by both, they used to be partners, and split ways. It is the same formula, but Tommy's sterilizes their ink. You can't go wrong with either...
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Tommy's Supplies History of Starbrite Colors!!!


Starbrite was created in the early 1990’s by my father Tommy Ringwalt SR., Mike Nicholson, and Carol Landry to give the artists a product that would change the tattoo ink industry by being the boldest, brightest, and most reliable colors on the market today. My father started Tommy’s Supplies in the mid 90's after separating from Papillon Tattoo Supplies due to personal business reasons. Tommy Ringwalt Sr partnered up with them again in 2001 to try and work things out by merging together due to our friends and family still working there. Then again partnership were not in agreement with eachother so we had separated again on good terms in 2004 for the last time and went full fledge with Tommy’s Supplies, just like Eternal did with Fusion. Tom Ringwalt Jr took over Tommy’s Supplies after this last seperation in 2004 and reconstructed the entire business by changing the way Starbrite was produced for the tattoo industry by sterilizing, testing, and meeting all regulations in every country to date so far.

We wanted to do more for our Starbrite Brand and being in a partnership was holding us back do to our different ways of creating the safest and best inks today. Since we have separated from Papillons we were able to have our Starbrite Colors tested, sterilized, new black twist caps, new vinyl labels, switched to clear bottles, and a lot of loyal customers that know why we made this decision to go on our own and represent our brand the way it should be and that is to make sure all professional tattoo artists and there clients feel safe when purchasing our inks, which we have succeeded to do since we have been in business. Now we have a better foundation to do what we must and keep up with the industries new laws and requirements on tattoo inks with no restrictions holding us back. All changes done to Starbrite colors are through us only so make sure when you are purchasing these colors you read the label for it will state ‘produced and bottled by Tommy’s Supplies’, if it does not then you are not purchasing the inks produced by us.

We have been a leading tattoo Supplier of high quality products for years and we’ll respect the tattoo industry at all cost. Our company did not work this hard for nothing, we really care about this industry and the direction it is heading. All Starbrite Colors are trademarked owned and registered by us ‘Tommy’s Supplies”. Tommy’s Supplies will be adding new colors to our line periodically to make your jobs faster and more convenient. Starbrite started with 36 colors and we now have 55 and adding. Our Starbrite colors have come a long way since they have been created.

We have some of the most authentic and cleanest inks that exist today. Tom Ringwalt Jr. & Sr. have put a lot of time and effort into producing a great product, “Starbrite Colors”, which has developed a big reputation worldwide for over 15 years and still growing. Tommy’s Supplies is a new generation of current demands and standards maintaining the best of old and new respected principles. Starbrite Colors have stood the test of time by their outstanding results after healing; while years later the tattoo will still look as vibrant as when it was first done. All the inks that leave our shop are the purest and cleanest pigments you will get; they will be sterilized and free from any bacteria in the bottles and it is your job as a professional tattoo artist to maintain that sterilility by keeping your area clean and sterile. The labels we put on our bottles have all the information needed on them, CI #’s, expiration dates, lot numbers, batch numbers, disclaimer, etc…. We also have additional paperwork that we will send upon request: Sterilization sheets, FDA registration certificate, and material safety data sheets
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Tommy Sr nor anyone else but Mike & Carol created and sold the ink. The real question is, why does Carol at 76 years young still make it daily and does it from and for Papillon Supplies?
Unless someone shit on someone else and stole the name then acted like she was no longer with us.
I am not going to apologize for speaking the truth to anyone.
Papillons is still here and Carol and I talk every morning over a cup of joe.
Now she is the real deal!
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